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HexhamHexham is a small Northumberland town in Northern England. It sits along the AD 122 Roman built Hadrian’s Wall about 30 miles equidistant from the Scottish border on the north and Newcastle upon Tyne where the  River Tyne empties into the North Sea on the east.A small quiet elderly woman stopped by our tasting room a few weeks ago. Her British accent gave her away. David Morrison, our tasting room manager asked her where she was from. “A small town in northern England. I’ve lived there all my life. It’s the only home I’ve ever known. I’m over ninety now, but I still try and come here to Placerville every year to visit my son. I hope I have a few more visits in me, but I’m grateful for the many I’ve had so far,” she told him. David asked, “Is your town near the Scottish border?” “Why, yes it is,” she said “You wouldn’t know it, though. It’s so small.” “Just the same, what’s its name ,” “It’s called ‘Hexham’.” 
“I was born there,” David told her. She reached out for his hand and held it tight as if David was part of her family.One of the amazing pleasures of our tasting room.